Ultraviolet Steriliser

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1. Rapid sterilisation: efficient 2A charging sterilisation, dual ultraviolet lamps, technology produces magic, kills bacteria in 3 minutes.

2. The healthiest disinfection method: double-sided UV lamp killing, equivalent to the sterilisation power of 48 LED UV lamp beads.

3. Quadruple sterilisation function: The sterilisation rate is 99%, and it quickly penetrates the cell membrane of the microorganism, so that the microorganism loses its replication ability, thereby killing the bacteria.

Size: 182x218x53mm

(Input voltage: DC 5V, Input current: 2A, Power: 1W, Maximum power: 9W, Eleventh ultraviolet: 253 7nm, Power supply: USB, Rated voltage: 9V, Rated power: 9W, Rated frequency: 50Hz)

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